Saturday, February 25, 2012

The 1890s

IFC's Portlandia is one of the few running shows I watch these days. I didn't even know the channel IFC existed until recently. Anyone who lives in a town with hipsters, which seems to be practically everywhere now, will appreciate this:

I’ve never traveled to Portland (Oregon), but I imagine the Triangle is probably the closest thing we have here in NC to this mentality. I can't say how many times we've gone out and Megan has ordered a Miller Lite, only to have the snarky bartender reply "we don't carry that" (why PBR or High Life is more acceptable is beyond me). Beards, or even mustaches, are everywhere. Buying local and organic is the way to go.

The "skinny strong man"? Maybe that's going too far.

Ryan Hall: the fitness ideal of the 1890s

Quick Running Update:

My foot seems to be back to normal, as I've been on a low mileage routine lately (3 runs per week, none over 8 miles). My newest problem seems to be my right knee, which seems to flare up after about 30 minutes of running. I think this was caused from ramping up way too quickly on the bike (60 miles in one weekend, including 25 in Umstead...)

Either way, it's been a slow road back, so not much to report out other than I switched down to the 12M at Mountains to Sea and have a good idea for a fall marathon (Ridge to Bridge in Morganton NC in October). It's been a busy winter at work and in non-running life, so maybe it was for the best that running has taken a backseat.

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