Sunday, February 12, 2012

More About Food; 2012 Running Goals (revisited)

Last weekend I turned 30. The original plan was to celebrate by running 20 miles through the woods of Uwharrie Forest. My foot had other plans. Uwharrie will have to wait until 2013.

Turns out Couch Mtn was my last 'race' in my 20s.
Earned serious style points.

The alternative was a marathon eating session at Chamas Churrascaria in Brightleaf. I've eaten at a few of these restaurants over the years, and they all have a business model that seems entirely unsustainable. Men with Latin accents dress like Gauchos and walk around with skewers full of various cuts of livestock. Patrons are given a two sided button, one side is green and means "keep serving more", one side is red and means "No Mas/More (please)". Flipping the button to green results in an army of Gauchos arriving at your table in rapid succession. The red side can and often will result in taunting. Deservedly.

The rules to follow at a Churrascaria:
1) Don't eat too much at the salad bar. In fact, skip this entirely. Just be aware you will wake up at 6 AM the next morning with the meat sweats.
2) Don't keep your button green for more than 2 servings, if you end up with more than 2 servings on your plate, your food will go cold.
3) Pace yourself somewhat and hold out for the good stuff, they usually bring this out later.
4) Don't give into the taunting. Know in advance when you are going to call it quits.

On this outing, I made it through 10 various cuts* with a double dip on the prime rib. And desert.

The restaurant was oddly quiet for a Saturday night. Hopefully it stays in business, but too many more customers like me and they probably won't be.

* Steak wrapped with bacon, chicken wrapped with bacon, chicken sausage, top cut sirloin, filet mignon, chicken drumstick, prime rib, pork rib, lamb shoulder, flank steak, koala (ok, just kidding on the last one)

Self portrait
(from previous life)

~ ~ ~
Life (i.e. work) has been busy lately. Each year seems to get a little busier, and I don't expect that to reverse course this decade. Finding the time (and energy) to balance everything will always be a challenge.

The good news is I did run 8 today painlessly, so maybe my 'issue' has cleared up. At any rate, seems not to be a stress fracture as I had feared, or else I'd still be out. For now, however, I am taking it easy, on an every other day schedule for the next few weeks, with some biking/swimming/indoor rowing mixed in on the off days to work off all the extra pounds I've gained eating out lately.

Run at the Rock, December 2011 (my last age group award in my 20s)
seems like an eternity ago

So finally, it seems like I'm on the slow road back to recovery and looking at an abbreviated spring schedule, with hopes of having a strong fall.

On the list of races I want to do...

early April - Mountains to Sea (signed up for 50K -- but 7 weeks to get in shape for this... probably not a good idea... will try to switch to 12M)

late April - Owl’s Roost Rumble Half Marathon

August - Continental Divide 10K

October - One of the Medoc races

early November - Shut-In Ridge

and one of these later fall marathons...

City of Oaks (if I do not get into Shut-In)


North Central Trail near Baltimore

Kiawah Island

And if I can accomplish 3 of the 4 below, I'll consider it a good year all around:

Run a fast 5K / 10K – break 18:30 / 38:00

PR in a marathon (use of the word referring to a large New England city is prohibited on this blog)

Run a ‘longer’ trail race (i.e. over half marathon distance)

Finish a 50K and ENJOY it

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