Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Minor Victory

For the first time all year, all of the following happened:

I ran 5 miles
Did not feel like hell
At a decent pace
Did not wear a knee brace
No pain before or after

It's good to be back, because other hobbies look fun, but are probably a little too expensive...

On Sunday, I'll be trying the MST 12 miler with no expectations of running fast or placing high.

Had my year gone as planned, I would have already run Uwharrie and Tobacco Road (marathon) and I'd be wrapping up my winter/spring running season with the 50K. The way I look at this now is that I'd probably be injured anyway all April had I actually done all of those things, whereas I am just now starting fresh. Looking forward to a hot summer... and summer track...

Obligatory motivational video

And new music I've been listening to

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