Saturday, May 12, 2012

Run Route: Western Wake Section of ATT

10.5 mile run route

American Tobacco Trail:  White Oak Church Road parking lot (far west Cary) to Apex trailhead

Good for:

Moderate distance tempo runs (I set my half marathon best on this course)

Runners looking for a break from the roads, but don't want to go all the way to single-track/rugged trails

Runners who don't like hills

Not good for:

Runners who like variety and/or challenging courses

Runners who want solitude on their weekend run (the trail will generally be busy on mornings on weekends, and there are often cyclists)

Catch trailhead off of White Oak Ch. Road and head south (facing right if coming from parking lot), there are a few restroom/water stops along the way

Trail is packed gravel; get used to this view

If you pay attention, you might see some old abandoned barns off to the side

The trail is generally pancake flat, but has some subtle grades 

There aren't too many road crossings and most have little traffic; this is the one at Wimberly Road 

When you get to the swamp on the other side of US 64, you are getting close to the end of the trail

More swamp pictures

5-1/4 miles from White Oak to end

Some trail "hazards":  horses and their 'remnants' and errant golf balls... so generally a safe run

This is where my golf balls would end up...

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