Sunday, June 10, 2012

06.04.12 Training Week

Quick updates:

1) Got into the Ridge to Bridge Marathon on Monday.  The race filled up in 17 minutes this year.  October 27 is on the calendar for what I hope is a fast time.  The course has a large net downhill, and is mostly on dirt country roads.  I have only done city road marathons, so I am looking forward to a new experience.

2) No knee problems or other injuries.  I went to 4 sessions at Athletic Advantage PT, and learned a few exercises that should help strengthen my hips.  Since all the running I do these days is limited to forward motion, I've neglected quite a few muscles over the years.  I'm hoping this might help correct some of my poor form, particularly toward the end of a long, hard run.

3) Training is going well, and I've even been in the mix in a few 'races'.  My mileage is still under 30 mpw but will probably start picking up slowly over the next month.  This week...

Monday:  6 miles from Brixx easy, some hills

Wednesday:  Summer Track Week 2
100m in 15 seconds ("90% effort")
1500m walk in 12:37
400m in 83 seconds ("80% effort")
3000m in 10:52 (90, 89, 88, 88, 85, 85, 85, 42)
2 mile cooldown

Thursday:  7 miles easy on ATT
Friday:  100 pullups in 8:30 (8 sets of 11 on the minute; 6-3-2-1)
Saturday:  5 miles easy on ATT (last run before it officially closes for a year...)
Sunday:  6 miles around my parents (last 1.75 @ 7:11 pace)

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