Sunday, June 17, 2012

06.11.2012 week workouts

Monday:  "6 from Brixx"; the usual out and back from Meadowmont to the UNC Botanical Garden trails.  On the way back, it started pouring, which actually ended up feeling kind of refreshing.

Tuesday:  50 pullups in 2:33 starting with 34 consecutive - new PR, although not sure if my form would have passed competition standards.  Elbows were well below 90 degrees, but not in fully locked position.  My 10 year old self would be impressed.  This was always the activity that kept me from winning those Presidential awards.  My goal for the year was to just get to 30 without stopping, which I've now well passed.  Thank you, Iron Gym.

Wednesday:  Summer Track; 28.38 200m (all time best for summer track), 13:01 race walk mile (PR), 3:07 800m ('cruise interval' effort), 18:47 5K.  12 events now toward "Ironman" goal of 33.

I had intended to run the mile in about 6:10, sprint the 200m, skip the walk, then pace the 800 in 3:00, and then shoot for a sub 20 in the 5K as a 'faster workout'. I ended up working late and missing the mile, which meant I'd have to do the walk.  I thought I'd go out in about 6:15 pace in the 5K and take it from there.  Ronnie said he was going out in 90s at the start, and I thought that was going to be too fast, but as the race started and the temperature dropped, I ended up feeling pretty good.  After going 92 the first lap, I ended up hitting about 90 even through the next 3, to put me at 6:02 through 1600m.  The second 1600m was pretty much dead on at 6:00, Ronnie and I were rolling out 90 second laps like clockwork.  The last few laps were a bit tougher and I faded some, but when I realized I had a good chance to break 18:50 I started pushing it again.  I didn't think I was in 18:40s type shape right now, particularly not completely fresh, but I guess all the injuries etc... from the winter are finally all gone.

Running a 5K on the track is obviously the flattest course you could possibly have, but running in lane 2 most of the race probably adds a good 4-5 seconds per mile.  No telling what I could have run if this was the only event I did all night -- the 200m was an 'all out' effort, and I can never really tell how much the walk really slows me down.  Different muscles really, and it's not like I'm actually trying too hard.

I'd like to break 18 again in a 5K sometime this year, but chances are this week will probably be my fastest one on the track this summer.  I'll probably start focusing a little more on giving more effort on multiple events, rather than 'backloading' my energy for the final race like I did each of the past two weeks.

Thursday:  4 miles from Meadowmont to UNC XC Course, then upper body workout, stretching at gym.  Was a bit sore from Wednesday's effort.

Friday:  100 pullups (10x10)

Saturday:  16 miles at Umstead Park with Godiva group; caught Ken and Doug early and did Company Mill to Reedy Creek B/B, then back to parking lot to meet larger group; then ran Loblolly to Schenck, back on Reedy Creek, up the corkscrew, then back on Company Mill.  Weather was near perfect for this time of year, no horsefly attacks.  Probably should have drank more water, as I was feeling a little rough toward the end on the single track.  Tied for longest run of the year, figured I would take advantage of the cooler weather before the around the clock heat of July settles in, but obviously not much need to run longer than this right now (marathon is not until late October).

Sunday:  50 pullups, but was pretty dead all day.

Total miles: 32
Total pullups: 200

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