Sunday, August 19, 2012

The World Championship Of... the World.

It has become a yearly tradition amongst a group of guys I've known, some for many many years, to engage in a weekend of competitions.  This event, which no written description can truly give justice, can best be summarized as a measurement of overall awesomeness.  This year's decathlon of sorts involved trials of athletics, dexterity, knowledge, and intestinal fortitude (literally).  As it turns out I am lacking in virtually all of these categories with the possible exception of being able to eat more than the average amount of Taco Bell in a faster than average amount of time.  As such, I was not crowned "The World Champion of the World" as the victor can lay claim.

Summary of Performance:

Golf (9 holes):  did not come in last place, for the first time ever in a round of golf, and hit an even par on one hole (also a first not on a putt-putt course)

Taco Bell eating:  one 5 layer burrito, two gorditas, two soft tacos, and a medium drink in roughly 6 minutes; second to Jonathan Armada by about 10 seconds.  

Literally almost choked at the end trying to swallow half a soft taco while gulping down tea in the final sprint.  It was almost as dramatic as Mo Farah's final lap in the Olympics 5K.

  Mo Farah can run the final lap of a 5K in under 53 seconds... 
but can he eat a Taco Bell soft taco in two bites?

Noted irony that the 2 guys who have the most restrictive diet and train the most seriously finished 1-2 (Jonathan competes in Crossfit events).  Had to relax the 'low carb' / no dairy rule for a night.  On that note, I probably last ate Taco Bell in 1993 (the era of the $0.59 soft taco)

Mini Keg Toss:  first round exit

Frisbee Golf:  I didn't lose my frisbee

Adam looking downfield during Frisbee Golf, thinking: 
"I am awesome at everything" (he is correct)

Football:  on winning team, scored no touchdowns (while giving up at least 2, maybe 3 to Duffy); did have one key interception and blocked a pass in the closing minute of the game

40 yard dash:  middle of pack, proving that marathon training actually makes your 40 time worse

The "Relay":  don't even know what to say here

Can't figure out what is going on in this picture?  Neither could we.

Buffalo Wild Wing Eating:  ate one blazing hot wing; one of those situations where you draw the line somewhere and agree in advance not to try to cross it.  Wise move.  Tried it.  Can say I've been there, done that.

Cornhole:  first round exit to Adam

Wii tennis:  first round exit to Kenny

Speed chess:  first round exit to Kevin J

Bocce:  made it to second round!  where I blew a major lead to Leatherman

Team Trivia:  team lost (where did all that super-nerd knowledge from AP classes in high school go?! I guess it doesn't translate to pub trivia, once again proving that high school was indeed... useless)

Most impressive personal performance of the weekend was somehow squeezing in an 8 mile run the morning after the Taco Bell challenge and off of 3 hours of sleep (went to bed around 2 after watching "The Room" and woke up at 5 feeling uh... not so great).  This was not a sanctioned event, so earned me no points in the scoring... and probably also resulted in me struggling the rest of the day.

In summary, I seem to be better at sports and competitions that do not require
a) teamwork
b) coordination
c) equipment
d) mental focus

Which basically explains why I run (and can eat a lot of Taco Bell...), where the ability to go out on your own and zone out are actually a benefit.

As far as the winner?  At the time I had to mail it in around midnight on Saturday, Justin was leading Adam thanks to this effort in Blazing Wing Eating.

the trick... is to eat as fast as possible

It goes without saying - as our group is now mostly all in our early 30s, with jobs that keep us busy, some with kids, and now dispersed over the country, finding chances to get together and do some bizarre and random stuff has become more challenging.  Glad we could pull it off again this year.  The competitions are more about having fun, than winning (well, at least some of the time...)

Weekly Mileage:  40 miles (averaging 38 over last 8 weeks; 10 weeks to marathon).  Legs felt really heavy early in week, but seemed to recover as week went on.  Was a 'down week' after high mileage last week and higher mileage this coming week.

Longest run this week:  12.5 miles Sunday afternoon, after the WCOTW weekend; 0.5 mi warmup, 4 miles on downhill treadmill at UNC wellness center, 8 miles through Meadowmont/Finley Golf Course, up Laurel Hill and back

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