Monday, November 26, 2012

Umstead: Run or Not Run

Umstead Marathon sign up is this week.  I am still battling residual injuries from Ridge to Bridge, and I had originally decided if I still wasn't able to run pain free the week sign up opened, I would pass on this year's race.  At the same time, it is on the short 'bucket list' of local races I want to do, so if I don't sign up and then recover, I will have missed my chance.  Regardless, with 12 weeks to train, I know I won't be at 100%.  Which gives me the opportunity to cross something else off my bucket list - run a marathon in costume (needs to be something I can still run in...), so as to avoid any desire to actually try to run competitively.

So the first question is: do I sign up or not?  

And if I do, what costume am I going to run the race in?

Last year was "Year of the Bat" so Batman would have been an excellent choice.



  1. You'll need these socks of course.

  2. nice! but 'currently unavailable'... guess I'll have to wait until they are back in stock. I'd wear those anyway.