Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 Days of Blogging Day 7 (Christmas Break so far)

I'm over the halfway point of my 12 days of blogging, which also means I'm now past the midpoint of my break.

Highlights so far...

Chatham County Line at Haw River Ballroom

Buying a new car (I was sad for about 5 minutes getting rid of the old car... and then I realized I finally have a car where the heat works and doesn't sound like it is going to completely fall apart every time it goes over 55 mph)

Running (without pain again, finally...) at Umstead and Eno River State Park

Cooking Christmas dinner - orange molasses glazed ham with mashed sweet potatoes

Various Christmas events with family - dinners, bowling, gift exchanges

Caribbean food at Nine Mile in Asheville, NC (wow, this place was good... and not too expensive; no wonder why I've gained back all the weight I lost marathon training plus five pounds...)

Staying up late, but not because I have to work, sleeping 'late' (past 7 AM), spending more time with Megan, not reading/sending 100+ emails a day, listening to new music, putting together a puzzle, reading a book on Thomas Jefferson (Art of Power), keeping busy enough not be bored...

Tomorrow's plan:

Run 2 hours on Mountains to Sea Trail from Folk Art Center here in Asheville

Hike at Chimney Rock State Park

Highland Brewery tour

One more day here in Asheville, then up to the Boone/Ashe Co. area before another few days back in Durham before being back at work.

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