Friday, December 28, 2012

12 Days of Blogging Day 8 (Asheville)

This was how I started my day off here in Asheville NC, following the white blazes of the Mountains to Sea trail just near the Folk Ark Center off the Parkway.  

This was a night out drinking IPAs, eating Carribean food, followed by hot chocolate at the Grove Park Inn, where I caught the tail end of Duke's failed attempt to win their first bowl game since the tail end of the Eisenhower administration.  It was a strange situation of feeling completely unsurprised (that Duke lost a football game), and at the same time surprised (by the painful manner in which Duke lost the game), and yet oddly satisfied that I had made the right call (to not go to Charlotte, spend $75 on a ticket, and sit in the cold to watch such a travesty).

If my morning run was any indication of what kind of shape I am in, I have my work cut out for me.

2 hours on the MST was probably a good start for what is shaping up to be about 4 hours in early February on this trail.

12/23/11 - out and back on the Uwharrie 8 mile course (in better shape then...)
And given that, I decided this morning's punishment wasn't quite enough, so I put in a little 'extra credit' today for good measure.

Chimney Rock State Park; Lake Lure in background

I'm glad I live in the Triangle year round, but if I had to choose a 'second home' in North Carolina, it would have to be Asheville.  Good restaurants.  Great trails.  Just all around a great place to visit.

Tomorrow we are off to the Boone area, or specifically, Fleetwood NC (in Ashe County), where the weather on Sunday is forecasted to be in the low 20s with 30 mph winds.  Given how mild of a winter it has been so far, this will be a good character builder.

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