Saturday, December 29, 2012

12 Days of Blogging Day 9 (2013 Goals)

Goals for 2013:

Personal, Non-Running

Every day, I need to… no matter what the circumstances of the day were at work, make meaningful conversation with Megan, show frequent appreciation for all the things she does to make my life better, find a brief moment to organize my personal thoughts (think, pray/meditate, whatever you want to call it)

Every week, I need to… catch up with other family and/or friends that I do not see on a daily basis

Roughly every month, I want to… complete reading a book (10 in total for the year)

Every other month I want to do each of the following… attend a concert or show, eat at a local restaurant I have not tried, cook something new (or 6 times per year)

Every quarter, volunteer personal time to help others

I want to travel to and fully experience as much of Saint John, USVI when Megan and I go for our 5 year anniversary in May

Take golf lessons, with the intent of being good enough to play rounds of golf with people other than close friends and family without risk of public embarrassment.

Make decisions, not excuses

Professional & Work-Life Balance

No electronic devices at the dinner table while eating

No emails for at least one hour before I go to bed

No blaming others, even in private

Critique others in private, immediately but not harshly

Every day verbally recognize someone for a positive contribution

Every week set aside time to organize my personal space and eliminate clutter

Every month I want to meet up for breakfast or lunch with a peer or coworker outside of my department

Every quarter I want to go out to lunch with my staff

Get through what I expect to be a very busy year (particularly first half of the year), without losing sight of the aforementioned personal goals


Train for and finish a 50K race (i.e. my first “ultra”)

Train for a longer (over half marathon distance) fall race (target race and goal time TBD)

Run on 3 new trails in North Carolina

Run in a new state

Focus less on 'competition' and more on 'experience'

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