Friday, December 21, 2012

12 Days of Blogging Day One (Recovery)

I'm out of the office for the year.  I'm shutting out what is to come next year.

Other than a week in Ireland in August a few days in the Outer Banks in May, true "days off" have been far and few between this year.  2012 was busy.  2013 will be busy.  Busy is good... right..?

Time off usually equals more time to run (hobby #1).  But hobby #1 has been a challenge lately.  I'm just getting back to 3-4 miles every other day... the PF is gone, the achilles is still 'iffy' but seems to be getting better... slowly.

Recently I've jumped back into hobby #2 (cycling) and a new hobby (golf... yes, I said it, golf).

Cycling has its advantages.  From South Durham, I can hop on the ATT (now paved to New Hope Church Road) all the way down to Chatham County and near Jordan Lake.  I've noticed things cycling I usually would miss running, like bald eagles flying over marshland.  I thought they were nearly extinct, turns out I was wrong (

Contrary to recent youtube videos, this bird is not going to steal your children.

Golf is a "new" hobby.  For years, I swore I would never get into it.  For years, I was the token worst golfer in any group setting where I had to play the sport.  The good thing when you suck so bad at something, is there is only room for improvement.  I've been running for 16+ years -- I might have a breakthrough once a year at best at this point.  It's really hard to learn or discover new things about running after a certain point -- it is a simple sport.  Golf will surely provide me years of chances to get outside when my knees/hips/legs won't let me run.  And of course, years of perpetual frustration.  

And I remind myself the first race I did was a 1000m where I didn't break 4:00 (within 3 years I was under 3:00 and I've run half marathons at faster than 4:00 per 1k).

Anyways, my time off began at 4:45 PM today, before midnight on January 2nd, my goals are:

Blog each day (hence, the 12 days of blogging)

Try to get some form of exercise each day (run, ride my bike, hit golf balls)

Hike/run at two new trails in the area (Raven Rock, Little River, Horace Williams/Carolina North)

Finish reading two books

Buy a new car to replace the car I learned to drive on and still have... (more on this, later I hope)

Set a new 'personal best' in the "Angie" workout (current is just under 29 minutes):

Visit a brewery, try new beers

Cook something awesome

Eat a new restaurant around Durham

Begin 2013 refreshed

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  1. You omitted "invite Sarah and David over to eat said awesome thing" ;)