Monday, December 30, 2013

Boston Marathon Training Week Two

Monday:  6 miles from Brixx at 6 PM.

After last week's road race, this one was more the usual speed.

After:  Lone Rider Red Spur

Tuesday:  4 miles on ATT @ ~6:30 pace

Needed to get on the road to Salisbury to visit family, so had to rush this one out

Wednesday:  Merry Christmas, lots of eating... no running

Thursday:  I almost forgot that I needed to squeeze in a track workout sometime this week.  With all the holiday travels, I wasn't sure where that was going to fit in, but I had the idea to take this one back to the real old school...

The West Rowan track.

That's right... I took it back to where it all began fall of 1995.  I had the harrowing realization that a kid born when I first starting running would be a high school senior now.  Damn.

I'm sure I broke some Rowan County law trespassing, but the gates were open, so I went on in, did a 4 x 1000m set in the freezing cold quick and left as soon as possible.  It wasn't the best ever the day after eating a million desserts, but at least I got something in.  I was hoping to do some hill repeats at what we used to call "death valley" but the old cross country course is now fenced off.  I heard they put cows there a few years ago.  I can't remember the last time I was over there - I assume it was probably high school.

Friday:  14 miles mostly on the Tobacco Trail.  I went exploring down some side trails between Scott King and O Kelly Chapel that I'm sure are more for hunting than running.  Thankfully no one else was out.  I picked it up some on the last 4, tried to hold about 6:50-7:00 mile pace.  This was my longest run since Uwharrie back in February.

Saturday:  6 miles on the Washington & Old Dominion trail in Sterling VA.  After a "warm-up" mile, I tried to hit around 6:45 per mile or so (closed in about 6:39-6:45-6:39).  

Congrats to my brother-in-law Patrick and his wife Jessie on their new baby!

Sunday:  5 miles on the hotel treadmill.  Fun.  Then a long drive back to NC...

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