Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hopscotch Preview


I need to get ready for some running power walking around downtown Raleigh beginning Thursday night...

'cause it's Hopscotch time - which means all sorts of still under the radar bands to check out... and when I finally get running again that means I'll have plenty to listen to.

Here's what I'm looking forward to the most this year:


After De La Soul, where do I start...? Pour House with Drag Sounds and Chapel Hill's Last Year's Men for some gritty, raucous garage -OR- Lincoln Theatre with Wild Fur and Sun Club.  Choices and racing between venues are what make this festival a frantic three day adrenaline rush.

From there, I have several good options.  I'm interested in checking out the DJ Marley Carroll and the concept of IIII seems like an experience that lends itself to one of those "this one time I saw ____" conversations (an all drummer performance).

Either way, I know where I want to end the night... at Slim's for Guerilla Toss and Diarrhea Planet...

On Guerilla Toss
"If you attended a shitty basement party thrown by reasonably hip people at almost any point during George W. Bush's first term, there's a good chance you saw a band that sounded a lot like Boston five-piece Guerilla Toss. Entertainment! was most likely on the stereo, someone was wearing a raggedy, technicolor Brian Chippendale mask, and there was probably a guy walking around with his dick hanging out." - pitchfork.com review of Gay Disco 

(Umm... so yeah... I wasn't reasonably hip from 2000-2004 I guess)

On Diarrhea Planet
But seriously, and I simply cannot stress this enough: if Diarrhea Planet are playing in a 100-mile radius of where you are sitting, go there. (And for God's sake, make sure you 
stay for "Ghost With A Boner.")  - pitchfork.com review of I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

(I can't wait until folks at work ask me what I did over the weekend...)


Raleigh Little Theatre in the afternoon and then...

SPOON.  St. Vincent had one of my favorite albums of the year, but the band I'm really looking forward to is Spoon.  They were always a group I listened to regularly from say 2005 to 2009 but never entirely fell in love with - solid, but just another part of the Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, New Pornographers, Bloc Party, Death Cab 'indie-pop-rock' era.  But out of all those bands, the only ones I haven't seen live are probably the two with the most staying power into this decade - Arcade Fire and Spoon.

From there... I was pretty interested in some of the acts at CAM (which is a haul - lesson learned from last year) - notably Mas Ysa. Palehound-Flesh Wounds-Potty Mouth at Slim's seemed intriguing... the later in particular because I went on a big Sleater-Kinney (re?)discovery earlier this summer incurring many strange looks from Megan who claimed to be part of the riot grrrl movement in the actual 90s... The concept of an all-girl band shouldn't be all that unique in 2014, but if you look at the list of Hopscotch this year... with a few notable exceptions it's spanning lots of genres with... lots and lots of dudes.


I'm not a metal fan, so I'm out of luck through most of the City Plaza acts - but Death seems like a can't miss.

Deep South is where I'll likely start with See Gulls-Coke Weed-Dead Gaze, but No Love and their featured song "10 Billion Dick Mountain" seemed worth the haul down to Kennedy. 

CAM has a great electronic lineup later with The Range-How to Dress Well-Jamie XX.  

Sadly and frustratingly that 12:30-1:30 slot is stacked.  At least 3 bands I want to see, including White Lung and the What Cheer? Brigade.

If I could choose a weekend of the year to relive over and over, Hopscotch would probably be it, since each time could be a unique experience.

Less than 48 hours away...

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