Monday, May 25, 2015

Family Status Check: Two Months

It's time for the Tajlili family 2 month report card since Owen joined the pack.

First, Mr. Owen:

Appetite:  A

Dude can eat.  He can eat often and eat great quantities at a time.  He's already got that chubby round baby thing going on.  Born at a wiry 7 pounds, he's already up to about 12 and a half in just over 8 weeks.  At this rate he'll be weighing in at a Yokozuna-like 594 by the time he graduates high school.

Bathroom habits:  F- (for a 'normal' human), C+ (baby adjusted grade)

Dude can poop too.  No coincidence - he can poop often and great quantities at a time... including at 3 AM after an hour of squawking in his sleep.  Sometimes it gets on the outside of his PJs for reasons unknown.  He also has an uncanny penchant for peeing on his mom during a change, even with the diaper 90% on.  Maybe I'm not being a fair grader - part of this bad mark should go against the parents.

A day in the life:
Getting this picture texted to you at work followed by
"Owen pooped on our bed"

Sleeping:  B+

Of course this is what everyone asks about.  Here's the deal - kid is capable of sleeping 8 hours straight in his own room.  It happened once last week... when he slept from 8 to 4.  Of course Murphy's Law hit:  both Megan and I were awake at 2 anyway because now that's what our biological clocks are tuned to.  

Owen must have realized he threw us for a loop and went back to the wake up on the even hours routine... 2 AM, 4 AM, 6 AM... oh well.  His favorite place/time to sleep: on top of you in a crowded, noisy room.

Temper:  A (ok, graded on a curve)

Supposedly babies hit their peak crying at 8 weeks, so yeah he'll yowl and howl at us to remind us he's still alive in the middle of the night.  And every now and then I'll get a few turkey claw scratches to the neck and ninja kicks to the gut if I take too long getting him a snack.  All things considered though... we're pretty lucky.  He's pretty chill and quiet as long as he's fed... we can take him out in public now - even saw a street wrestling match at a brewery last weekend with him (don't call DSS.) 

just chillin' in his tiger suit

Cuteness:  A+ by any standard

Things that happen around 2 months:

Kid begins to smile for reasons other than he has to fart.

Kid begins to go Jean Claude Van Damme on some jingly owls on the play mat...

Kid actually seems to pay attention to what you are doing and try to copy... 

and sometimes he'll just stare at you with wide open eyes, puff his cheeks, and intermittently stick his tongue out like a bullfrog.

I'd say he's graduated from his first two months with flying colors.

Mr. Taj

Running:  D+

Typical week - too tired on Monday after a weekend of night shifts, maybe get 2 miles on Tuesday, take a "break" on Wednesday, take a nap instead on Thursday, force myself out for 2 on Friday, take a "break" on Saturday, go for my long run of 4 miles on Sunday.  Basically I'm trying to do the bare minimum I can so when I do get back to a normal sleep schedule, I won't be miserably out of shape.

Sleep:  C-

Sad thing is I know the best thing to do:  go to bed when the kid goes to sleep.  

Reality: that whole "going to work" thing that eats up most of the day, and an 8 PM bedtime seems like I've gone back to kindergarten myself.  But falling asleep is never the problem.  I could do that any time of day now.  The problem is staying asleep... and when I wake up at 4 AM, might as well get the day started...

Photo-blogging:  A

Officially part of the iPhone generation of parents... a video and a pic every day...

Bath time!

Curious time!

Play time!
The Triangle-Salisbury kid crew:  Gavin, Maya, and Owen

Mrs. Taj

Overall:  A+

Here's my Megan story that sums up the last 3 months.

Megan was scheduled to defend her doctoral dissertation in late February.  She had been in some variety of grad school pretty much since we were married 7 years ago.  The day she was supposed to defend was the day after one of our ice/snow storms that shuts down all of our humanity here in NC.  A committee member couldn't make it in - the defense was cancelled.  Megan was 35 weeks pregnant.

Weather and protocol be damned, Megan went into reschedule mode right away - finding any possible time to hold the defense, juggling professors' schedules, and going so far as to reserve her own room and offer babysitting services for the professor's kids (me).

On March 2nd Megan defended her dissertation - her topic: work-life balance.  23 days later she gave birth.  Doctor mom.

See, when Megan notices a problem, she doesn't just sit back and let it ride, she finds a way to fix it.  If she can't fix it herself, she will find someone who can.  It seems obvious to the rest of us, but the reality is very few people are actually good at taking action and getting things done.

I'm eight weeks into this gig, but one of the first lessons learned is parenting is an endless series of problems to fix.  Clearing a stuffy nose.  Getting all the gunk out of a baby's toes.  Getting a diaper bag packed with everything in advance - that way if we want to get out and hang with our friends in Raleigh or spontaneously go to Duke Gardens on a perfect May afternoon, we're all good to go without it turning into a big production or mad scramble.  

I think this is the main reason why Owen got such high marks on the "chill" scale - because Megan has everything running like a tight ship.  It doesn't all happen week one, but the difference between weeks one and eight are night and day.

We celebrated Megan's graduation and her first mother's day in the same weekend in early May, and within the same month I started a new role at work.  Someday we will look back on the first half of 2015 and wonder how the hell we survived it.  I can't really explain it - how we function through the sleep deprivation and manage to keep another human being fed, clean, and relatively happy while not going clinically insane ourselves.  

Dr. Mom, her advisor Dr. Baker, and the newest pup in the pack

Humans are adaptable creatures, that's part of our collective survival story.  The sound of a baby crying used to make the hair on the back of my neck stand still, now it sounds like background noise.  It seems hard from the outside, but in the moment I don't really think about it.  I just do.  I don't get bored.  The weekends fly by faster than I can get to half the things I want to do, but at the end of the day I never say "what the hell did I do all day?" ... I just fall asleep where hours drift away in an instant.

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