Monday, February 15, 2016

Geezer Pleezer 2016

Here's a race report because I haven't done one in ages:

Every year some folks here in the Triangle I run in the same circles with (the CGTC) host a low key, no frills, $5 entry free race in the dead middle of February with a handicapped start. It is aptly called The Geezer Pleezer (don't google Geezer Pleaser, that's something entirely different... trust me)

Here how it works: the old and wise are spotted time. The young and exuberant men filter toward the back and must overtake more experienced competitors with their supposed vibrant speed. Women get a few minutes. Fit ladies in their seventies usually dominate this event like East Africans.

34 years young, I now receive a 30 second head start for a ~4 mile race. Unfortunately very few of these so called "Millenials" I keep reading about on my Facebook feed showed up. This meant that once again I started practically at the back. I'm surprised Rolling Stone hasn't written another inane article about how the kids born between 198x and 2000 prefer Color Runs and races with big ass participation medals. Oh but I am one too? I'm also an aquarius which means little to me other than I age up perfectly for said Geezer Pleezer.

In the end, I took solace in one point. I was 4 seconds faster than last year, for a finish time 19 seconds quicker than my Geezer debut. My last year self would have never caught my this year self. I await the hologram technology that projects my ghost likeness on the course Mario Kart style. One day I could have a race against an entire army of Tajs at various ages and stages of decrepitness.

I did this despite several additional handicaps versus 2015. I was coming off of 3 weeks where I caught 2 separate colds and the norovirus. My track work leading up to this included one post stomach bug session where I thought my head was going to spin off my body and land with a splash and thud in lane one. My cross training, however, has been unparalleled - wrangling a charging 22 pound bull of a kid. Danger nearby? Owen will find you. My life lately reminds me of the scene where Mickey has Rocky train by catching a wild chicken on the loose, but supposedly I'm too young to get that cultural reference.

End verdict: Geezer was pleased (not that way, you dirty #%#)

Music I've been running to:

Courtney Barnett, "Pedestrian at Best"
Dan Deacon's USA series in the America album
Notorious B.I.G. "Notorious Thugs"
Anderson Paak "Miss Right"
Animal Collective "Banshee Beat"

Owen 10 month pictures - winter 2016

Blue Steel in the snow

The professor is not pleased with his assistants' work

At doctor, 5 ear infections in 5 months

#%#&#^% finally


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